Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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If you go to your local vehicle service provider to change your oil and they tell you they changed the oil and filter , and placed a sticker in the windshield stating to comeback once your vehicle has reached said mileage , but they knowingly did not  actually complete the service ..how would you respond ?
If a school passes students on to the next grade or provides them with a graduating certificate knowing they do not meet the requirements how would you respond ?
( Do we value our vehicles more than our future leaders ?)
How we respond to people versus how we respond to things is a true reflection of our leadership. Why?, Because you can not lead things. You can manage things, such as systems, and processes. However, you can lead and manage people. Therefore the way you respond to issues concerning people is a true reflection of your leadership capability.

The success of an organization over the long term often depends on the value the organization places on and the investment they make in people. Leaders are in all organizations including families, businesses, churches, clubs, and sports teams. The decisions that the leaders make within these organization concerning the people, for the people, and affecting the people will determine a significant extent of their success.


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